The return of Eugene

I have called this post “The Return of Eugene” but Eugene hasn’t been anywhere. He is still in the same place that I left him. Some of you may be thinking that Eugene is a toy or the name of another little person that I know but Eugene is actually a World War 2 jeep that lives in my neighborhood. I went to see him today with the tall person.

Eugene can’t go anywhere because his tyres are flat and someone has taken his steering wheel. He just sits there watching other cars go by.

The tall person told me that Eugene has almost certainly led a very adventurous life and it is good that he is now resting on our mountain overlooking the city.

When I saw Eugene today I saw him in a different way. He is not a rusty wreck. He is a monument to adventure!

You can find out more about Eugene and how he got his name in a post I did some while ago.

A Vulgar car, “scrumping” and the wrong tall tree

I woke early this morning, probably because the sun was shining and the light was filtering through the window blinds in the hall. I alerted the tall person that a new day had dawned and after several cups of coffee he was sufficiently awake to be allowed outside in charge of a dog (me).

The tall person said that he wanted to see some of the autumn fruits that are ripening on the trees in the neighborhood so we set off to find some.

We had not been walking for long when we found this spectacular fruit tree overhanging a yard wall. Unfortunately, the branches were too high for the tall person to reach so we couldn’t take home any of the fruit. The tall person told me that in the U.K. the word “scrumping” is used to describe stealing apples or other fruit from someone else’s tree or orchard. Hmm, “scrumping” sounds like fun!

De later told us that the orange colored fruit is called Karalioki and is very sweet. Mmm, sounds delicious.

We walked on through the maze of little streets and narrow alleys that make up our neighborhood. We didn’t see the chickens today but as it is the weekend they might have been having a lie in. Every so often, the tall person would stop and look for the tall tree that stands behind our house. He does this so we do not get lost. 

We usually try to walk on the sidewalk and not in the road. The tall person says that the roads are for cars and we should only step onto the road when we need to get to the other side. Sometimes there is no sidewalk and we have to be very careful of cars.

Anyway, we were on the sidewalk heading home when I found my way blocked by a Volga car. I waited a few moments but it didn’t move. The tall person said that it had been parked there. Hmm, I was not amused. You belong on the road Mr. Volga Car! Because of your bad behaviour I am re-naming you Vulgar Car.

We checked to see if the road was clear and then passed the naughty car.

It was time to go home and the tall person looked for the tall tree that stands at the back of our house. He saw it and we headed off.

Unfortunately, when we got nearer to the tree we realised it was the wrong one!

It looked like our tree but our house was not in front of it so it wasn’t our tree.

Don’t worry, we eventually found our way home!