The house that crumbled

Almost opposite the little house that hums there is a little house that has crumbled. Its skin has fallen off and its bones are showing.

The tall person told me that it reminds him of a carcass of an animal picked over by vultures and left to fossilise on the great savannahs of Africa.

I sometimes pause when I am passing by and imagine the people that once lived there and wonder why their home became empty and neglected.

I asked the tall person about this and he said that if we don’t look after the things that we care about they will begin to wither and eventually will disappear.

Hmm, don’t worry tall person I will look after you. I don’t want you to fossilise!

13 thoughts on “The house that crumbled

  1. I love this house, and I also love the happy, humming one! They’re both special in their own way, and the way you’ve presented both of them is great…The place you live in definitely looks to have a lot of archaic appeal…

  2. That house is amazing! because it almost collapses but still be there. Most of the houses have their history since people started living there, so like you said, it’s very interested in imagining what people live in or how things went in there. 🙂
    By the way, your tall person has been to the great savannars of Africa, too? Woof?

    • The tall person has been to many countries in Africa and seen many wonderful things. His job took him all over the world but he has never visited Japan but says one day he will.

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