The house that crumbled

Almost opposite the little house that hums there is a little house that has crumbled. Its skin has fallen off and its bones are showing.

The tall person told me that it reminds him of a carcass of an animal picked over by vultures and left to fossilise on the great savannahs of Africa.

I sometimes pause when I am passing by and imagine the people that once lived there and wonder why their home became empty and neglected.

I asked the tall person about this and he said that if we don’t look after the things that we care about they will begin to wither and eventually will disappear.

Hmm, don’t worry tall person I will look after you. I don’t want you to fossilise!

The house that hums

In my street there is a little house with two pink doors. It is next to the “creepy” plant that the tall person likes.

I like this little house because it makes a humming sound.

The tall person told me that it is an old Soviet era electricity sub-station and it provides electricity for the houses in this part of my neighborhood.

Ah, now I understand why it hums. Its electricity gives light when it is dark and makes cups of coffee for the tall person and powers our TV and even the laptop I use to write posts for this blog.

It hums because it is happy.