The hitchhiker

When I come back from a walk the tall person sits me down and removes all of the outside things that have attached themselves to me. He has to do it because my thick coat is like a hairy magnet for leaves and twigs and grass and those clever little sticky seeds.

Today, the tall person found something new that had hitched a ride on me.

I do remember pushing my head into a spider’s web. The tall person saw me do it and wiped the sticky strands from my nose.

Anyway, we walked on and were nearly home when the tall person suddenly stopped me and told me to stay still. I heard him laugh and then felt him carefully scoop up something from my back.

It was a big spider! It must have crawled onto me when I pushed my head into its web.

I had picked up a hitchhiker! You can see it on my left shoulder in this picture.

Hmm, perhaps it thought that it had captured me in its web and was trying to find a way to eat me. Hold on Mr. Hitchhiker Spider, I am not a fly!

I watched the tall person carefully relocate my ‘passenger’ to a bush.

I hope he will be happy in his new neighborhood.

Spin another web Mr. Hitchhiker Spider and try not to catch another dog. We are too big for you to eat!


20 thoughts on “The hitchhiker

  1. Hi Bassa! Very sensible helping Mr. Hitchhiker Spider get back to what he does best! I am so glad the big guy always checks you for other outside things. Something as little as a grass seed can penetrate its way inside! Every dog owner must always check their dog for foreign objects, saves thousands in vet bills!!

  2. What a great post. I like that your tall person was kind to the spider, scooping it up gently and relocating it to a nice bush. Silly spider, thinking he could eat you!

  3. Wow, Mr Hitchhiker Spider seemed to get a very comfortable bed there, Bassa. Yes , you are too big to eat for Mr Hitchhiker Spider. If you could be his meal, he would not have to find anything to eat for life!!!!!

    • I do like spiders Bongo, mainly because they kill flies and I don’t like flies. One of my jobs is to keep the house free from flies. I stalk them and swat them but never eat them because I know what they like to tread in! 🙂

  4. Bassa, you and your tall person are so sweet and thoughtful. You take care of and watch over each other and even the spider. Those were great pictures to show us the hitch hiking spider on your shoulder. You all have a terrific day. Hugs and nose kisses

    • The tall person always re-locates insects that he finds in the house. I’m okay with that but I will swat flies if I see them. I don’t like flies!

      Bigs hugs for you and the crew!!

  5. I would have squished the spider. 🙂

    In the states we have ticks, which attach themselves and transmit disease, I picked one off of Delilah last night. Do you have ticks?

    • I too am a swatter extraordinaire but I only swat flies. I don’t like them. I can’t believe you ate a beautiful butterfly. Try not to do that again – they are beautiful and also, there is not much meat on them!

  6. Hi, Bassa. Another great post. I don’t blame that spider for wanting to ride on you. We’re Bernese Mountain Dogs and we have to have our mum brush us off, too. Lots of things seem to want to attach to our big fur coats. That was nice of the tall man to put the spider in a safe spot. Our mum does that, too–sometimes she kind of shrieks when she put these “things” back in nature. LOL!
    x Berner girls

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