Thank you Lovely Lynlee!

De’s sister Mari came to see me this afternoon and brought a package with her that she said had come all the way from America! It was from my best friend Lovely Lynlee who lives in Pennsylvania.

I helped De to open it and inside there was a birthday card and lots of birthday gifts!

Mari explained that Lovely Lynlee wanted to surprise me and had sent the package to her, which was probably a good idea as the postwoman rarely comes to my mountain.

De unwrapped the gifts for me and I was thrilled to find two beautiful scarves, a football, a photo frame decorated with a bone, and a packet of Waggin’ Train Jerky Tenders chicken dog treats (am I allowed to advertise?).

Also in the box was a gift for the tall person (a book and a lovely book mark decorated with a paw print and a B for Bassa), a gift for the little person (a Leggo car) and gifts of Pennsylvania cook books for De and Mari. Hmm, I don’t remember it being their birthdays.

Everyone was very happy!

I want to say a big thank you to my Lovely Lynlee, my Best Friend Forever. De, the tall person and the little person and Mari loved their gifts and send you their love and their thanks, I will publish an album on Facebook of the photos that we took.

I love you Lovely Lynlee. Thank you for the lovely birthday surprise!

P.S. I especially like the box!

20 thoughts on “Thank you Lovely Lynlee!

  1. Awwwwwwww, sweet Bassa that was so nice of your friend to send you and your family all the nice gifts. Enjoy them!! Love the pictures they are great. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Bassa, that is one heck-of-a-box of cool stuff! Wow! You are a lucky dog. Mom put some French Vanilla Coffee in my water bowl. That was about it for me today…. Chicken jerky tenders? Really?

  3. How lovely those gifts are! Wow they came from America! You’re truely world wide celebrity, Bassa! Everyone looks so happy on the photos! I love to see happy faces, Woof!!!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful thing for her to do! 🙂 I loved the pictures and you looked so happy through it all. The whole family looked happy! YOur so smart, you were helping to open the box in the first picture! Then I had to laugh at the last picture.. all those wonderful gifts and you were playing with the box! 🙂 Great post and how wonderful is it that your birthday is continued to be celebrated! 🙂

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