People who like to bang

You may know that I am not afraid of thunder. The tall person thinks this is unusual for a dog as he has heard many people say that their dogs get very frightened during thunderstorms and will get very anxious and find a place to hide. He said that some dogs become so frightened that they have to wear special tight fitting vests that help to keep them calm during thunderstorms. I suppose the vests are like a big hug, which sounds nice.

So, why am I not afraid of thunder and other loud noises? Well, the simple answer is that Georgians like to bang things.

Throughout the day and into the evening I will hear someone in the neighborhood banging something. It could be a roof or wall being repaired or yard gates and doors being banged shut or a dusty carpet being beaten on a clothes line or a hundred other things. If something can be banged someone will find a reason to bang it.

I have just noticed that someone is hammering something as I write this.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the noise. I find a lot of it quite rythmic and soothing. I have come to think of it as the heartbeat of my neighborhood and I am so used to it that I usually only notice it when it stops.

Anyway, that it why I am not afraid of thunder or loud noises.

The tall person told me that Georgians love noise because they love life and noise reminds them that they are alive. Ah, I love life so it’s okay if I bark a lot? He looked at me and smiled and asked me to think about a very famous philosophical question about sound and the nature of reality.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?

That’s easy……yes……no…….yes……Hmm, I will have to think about that.

Hey, neighborhood! Can you please stop banging for a few minutes. I am trying to solve one of the great philosophical questions.

22 thoughts on “People who like to bang

  1. Good point very well made! Why is it that barking is almost alway frowned upon – tut at the humuns! I am very pleased to hear that you are taking on philosophical questions – did you get an answer yet?

  2. Whoa, what? Of course it makes a sound, it’s a falling tree…..although sound is an interpretation of vibration, so if there are no ears to pick it up and no brain to interpret it then….erm……I’m just going for a lie down.

  3. You don’t mind thunder? I am impressed! Yesterday we had a storm with lots of hail and DeDe almost became unglued. I was OK though. Shhhh! You don’t have to tell EVERYTHING June Buggie!

  4. We’re not going to tell which one of us Bernese Mountain Dog girls we’re referring to but—one of us is really, really terrified when there is thunder. The other one could care less. Strange, huh? Tree falling…yes, we would hear it. x Berner girls

  5. Oh Bassa, You are brave lady! Although I’m not scared of thunder, I Am scared of loud noises nearby, so if I hear ‘bang’ sound, I immediately run away and hide until I make sure if it’s safe enough. I hate Christmas crackers! The sound of those crackers are the worst I ever heard! What you think, Bassa? Woof! 🙂

  6. That’s great that you are not afraid of thunder. I feel lucky that Gertie and Duke aren’t afraid of thunder either. I happen to like thunderstorms, but it would definitely dampen my enjoyment of them if my babies were terrified (and possibly tearing the house apart, as I’ve heard that some dogs do during thunder-induced panic attacks).

  7. We are so happy you are not afraid of thunder sweet Bassa. Loud noises and noises of the neighborhood don’t bother us but we are afraid of thunder and fireworks. Those sounds are much louder than any other sounds we here. Hugs and nose kisses

    • I am happy to hear that the crew are not bothered by usual noises in the neighborhood. Always remember that thunder and fireworks can’t hurt you – they are just noises.

  8. We had a thunderstorm here a week ago. There was lots of noise, lots of thunder. I was listening to that all and thinking why is that boy screaming so loudly, why is he not going home? And then I realized it wasn’t a boy but a dog and it was inside a house, but the windows were opened so all the town could here that dog suffering and screaming. Thus I understood how truly scared they can become.

    As for the question – maybe I got something wrong but to me it’s obvious that if a tree falls down it makes a sound. I was always bad at philosophy.

    How is Bassa with fireworks and other noises of New Year’s celebrations and so on?

  9. LOL! Great question! I asked the collies and they all looked at me and then looked at each other and then barked loudly for a minute and then ran off…. I think they were saying “If we bark loudly does it give you a headache?” Typical smart aleck collies…. It is very interesting to learn about your homeland and you are a very pretty Shepherd!!! 🙂

  10. If it thunders and I’m not there does it make any noise? I think the thunder just picks on me. I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad. My person says she knew a dog who was afraid of hot air balloons. -Bongo

    • Yes Bongo, there was an episode of the Dog Whisperer programme where he helped a dog who didn’t like hot air balloons. My advice would have been for the dog to choose another hobby! Perhaps he was scared of heights 🙂

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