The writing is on the wall

When I came back from my walk this morning I noticed that someone had drawn a picture on the wall of one of the houses in my street. It is a picture of a house and a car. The house has a smoking chimney and a long driveway.

The tall person said this picture was probably drawn by a little person as it is not high up the wall. He told me that children often draw pictures of houses and especially their own home as this is the place where they feel safe and happy. Yes tall person, I feel the same way about my home.

I think it is a lovely picture and I hope it stays there so that everyone can enjoy it and be reminded that our home is where our heart is.

14 thoughts on “The writing is on the wall

  1. The tall person seems to be a detective and a psychologist at the same time. He knows so much about little and important things.
    Whoever drew the picture had a talent, I think. There’s a perspective and the details of the car are very elaborate.

  2. That is a very pretty drawing and you can tell the person has talent. That would be fun to walk around and see nice things drawn on the houses. Hugs and nose kisses

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