6 meters to the right and business is booming!

You may remember that I recently wrote about the lady who sells little things. This lady has sat in the same place for as long as I can remember. Admittedly, that’s not too long as I am only one year old but the tall person said that she has sat there for as long as he can remember and he is old!

Anyway, her shop is on the way to the big shopping mall, which I think makes good business sense as the big spenders would have to pass her to get to the mall and might see something they like. Hmm, or would it mean that people wouldn’t stop and buy things because they would want to save their money for the mall? Now I think of it I can’t recall seeing anyone buy anything from the lady’s shop.

I walked that way with the tall person yesterday and when we turned the corner the lady who sells little things was not there! At first I thought she might be ill or taking a day off and then I thought maybe she has given up trying to sell little things, which would be very sad.

But then I saw she had moved her shop 6 meters to the right and had a customer. Business was booming!

The tall person told me that sometimes we have to make adjustments in our lives. Some are small and others are big. He said that nothing stays the same and we should never be afraid of change.

I was very happy to see that the lady who sells little things was not afraid to move 6 meters to the right.

I think she is happy too!

I like doors!

I woke early this morning and decided not to immediately wake up the tall person. I thought it would be nice if he had a little extra sleep but I must confess that it was not entirely a selfless gesture. I’ve come to realise that the longer he sleeps the more energy he has for walks!

I went into the toy room, said good morning to Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot and opened the door to the balcony that overlooks the street. I can open any door in the house now, as long as it is not locked.

The sky was cloudy this morning but every so often the sun peeked through and I stretched out to enjoy the early morning rays. Mmm, life is good.

I didn’t have to wait long for the tall person to get up but it wasn’t me that woke him. It was Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot. At night he sleeps in the toy room but during the day he likes to be on the balcony. He obviously didn’t like the fact that I was out “catching some rays” whilst he was still in the toy room. He started screeching and that woke up the tall person.

Anyway, after a couple of cups of coffee the tall person achieved full consciousness and we set off on our morning walk.

We walked up the hill a little way and then cut through to the street at the back of my house. A Caucasian Shepherd lives there and we haven’t seen him for a while.

My neighborhood is quite old and still has many cobble stone streets. I don’t particularly like walking on cobbles because they are uneven and slippery but this was the only way to see the Caucasian Shepherd who lives at the top of the street.

Here he is! He had heard me coming and was waiting for me. He was clearly very excited to see me because he barked and barked. I sat and waited patiently while the tall person took a picture. This Caucasian is a yard dog. I have never seen him on the streets. I think that is sad because his world is his yard and he has never had an opportunity to explore the neighborhood and go for walks to stretch his legs.

Caucasian Shepherds are often kept as guard dogs and many of them are permanently on a chain in their yard. I didn’t see a chain on this Caucasian and he appears to have a big yard so I suppose he is lucky in that respect.

After a while we decided to move on because he was making so much noise.

Goodbye Mr. Caucasian. We will come back another day and see you.

Have I ever told you that I like doors? I stop at every door and sniff them. They are rich in scents. The tall person took this picture of an old wooden door.

The tall person is always on high alert when I am sniffing doors. There have been several occasions when a door has suddenly opened and someone has come face to face with me and shrieked with alarm. I don’t mean literally face to face as I am obviously much lower to the ground than a person but you know what I mean. The tall person pulls me away, says “bodishi”, which is Georgian for “sorry” and we quickly move on!

You may remember me telling you about the very tall tree in the street at the back of my house. The tall person uses it as a landmark when we are out walking. Our neighbourhood is a maze of little streets and alleys and it is easy to get lost so the tall person always looks for the tall tree. You can see it in the distance in this picture.

Anyway, It’s time to head home.

I hope you enjoyed my walk as much as I did!