I still love rain!

When I was younger I loved to sit in the rain and look up and catch the rain drops in my mouth. I haven’t been able to do that for quite a while because the summer has been long and hot and dry but on my way back from my late afternoon walk the sky began to darken and there were distant rumbles of thunder. We got home just before the rain started. I sat on the balcony with the tall person and we watched the dazzling flashes of lightning and tremendous rumbles of thunder and of course very heavy rain. I loved it. I lifted my head to the sky and caught the rain drops in my mouth.

I love rain!

11 thoughts on “I still love rain!

  1. I love rain too, but I am not big on getting wet. As long as it does not rain hard I will stay outside. That is better than what I used to do. I used to not go outside if it rained at all. Jen says Sage must have taught me that and now that she is gone I am making my own decisions.

  2. I love that picture, as I can totally imagine you sitting on your balcony or out in the street catching raindrops. I did not know that dogs do this! I think it’s very sweet. I love running in the rain, but Gertie isn’t a big fan of the rain. She’ll walk with me if it’s sprinkling. Duke doesn’t seem to mind the rain, but I don’t know if he particularly likes it. I think he likes that it tends to cool things off.

  3. Those are fabulous pics! Could you explain to Wonderbutt and Mrs. P.I.B. the glory of rain? They seem to think it necessitates cowering and hiding – preferably all 125 pounds on top of their owner.

  4. We love rain too sweet Bassa and would love to get some. We also had a hot dry summer and it is still very dry here. Love your pictures we can tell you are really enjoying those rain drops. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. I love the photos of you, which reminds me the scene of ” The Shawshank Redemption” ! You look cool! I don’t mind those flashes of lightning, but mom DOES! She hates it!!! so if it flashes outside, I can’t go out…Woof…

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