I still love rain!

When I was younger I loved to sit in the rain and look up and catch the rain drops in my mouth. I haven’t been able to do that for quite a while because the summer has been long and hot and dry but on my way back from my late afternoon walk the sky began to darken and there were distant rumbles of thunder. We got home just before the rain started. I sat on the balcony with the tall person and we watched the dazzling flashes of lightning and tremendous rumbles of thunder and of course very heavy rain. I loved it. I lifted my head to the sky and caught the rain drops in my mouth.

I love rain!

Ambush in Heart Street!

I have just returned from my morning walk with the tall person. As usual, it turned out to be another adventure! We don’t set out looking for excitement but it usually finds us. Today was no exception.

We set off early and walked slowly, enjoying a light drizzle of rain that brought out the scents from the leaves and earth. Wonderful!

The tall person took this picture when I stopped to investigate a pile of leaves. The pink building is the local school. The little person does not go there. He goes to another school on top of a mountain on the other side of the city.

You may remember me mentioning that there is a street in our neighborhood that has a heart painted on it. I think it was a very lovely thing to do. I call it Heart Street. The tall person likes it too so we decided to go and see it.

We found the street and turned into it and were immediately ambushed by two aggressive street dogs. Despite the loud barking and lunges towards me I remained calm. The tall person held me close to him and kept himself between me and the dogs.

I could tell that they were cowards and bullies because they hesitated to come too close. I am a big dog and they knew it. We walked calmly down Heart Street as they followed, barking and growling. Half way down I deliberately stopped to sniff something to show them I was unafraid. The tall person did not hurry me but kept a close eye on the two silly dogs.

When we got to the bottom of the street they were still barking from the top. I felt sorry for them. There is a beautiful heart painted on the street, representing love and kindness and affection but the two dogs will never know what it means because they spend their lives being angry and aggressive.

The tall person smiled at me and stroked my head. I know what love and kindness and affection is.