My bus stop can see for miles!

On the way back from my forest walk this morning I saw one of Tbilisi’s distinctive yellow buses. The tall person told me that lots of people use them and they are often crowded but they are cheap and there is a good network of routes. You board the bus by either door and put coins in a ticket machine or use a pre paid swipe card. There is a flat fare of 50 tetri (about 30 US cents). Apparently, you must always remember to pay for a ticket because inspectors sometimes board the buses and check tickets and they also wait at some bus stops and check tickets when people get off.

You have to be careful if you are standing by the door because people are often in a hurry to get on or off.

This a bus stop. Unlike mini buses, that will stop anywhere along their route, buses will only stop at bus stops. This makes them a little less convenient than mini buses but you don’t have to walk far to find a bus stop.

This bus stop in my neighborhood has a new electronic sign that lets people know what number bus will arrive next and how many minutes they have to wait. Amazing! These new bus stops must have incredible eyesight to see that far down the road!

10 thoughts on “My bus stop can see for miles!

  1. How cool, Bassa! I’d love to see those buses and the electronic sign. We don’t have regular buses out here where I live even though we’re part of Ottawa. My dad takes a schoolbus into Ottawa in the morning and then it comes back at night. That’s it for our buses for the day. Everyone needs a car unless they want to walk. Or they could hitch me up to a cart and I’d pull them around. I do pull a sled in winter. You should see me. I do stop occasionally to sniff rabbit holes, though. Drives the humans crazy as they go flying into the snowbank! Mwhahaha!

    Love Loup

    • The tall person can remember when London buses had a driver and a conductor. People paid the conductor when they had taken their seat on the bus. Now, on London buses the driver has to drive and take the fares!

  2. Around here they have little trolley things they call Roadrunners, but in Phoenix they have buses that can see for miles like yours. My person says you’re supposed to pay but no one checks tickets very often. -Bongo

  3. Very interesting post, Bassa. Here around Tokyo, train system is well developped, and many people take trains to go for working more than cars. Of course, buses go around everywhere,too but we think that the electric signs in tblilisi are much much better than the ones in Tokyo. Although there is electric sign at bus stop showing the number of coming bus, it doesn’t indicate how many minuites we have to wait, which is the most important info to us!!!
    Very irritating sometimes. The yellow buses in Tbilisu are very cute! Woo woo!!! 🙂

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