Anyone for pie?

The sun was beginning to rise when I woke this morning and not wanting to neglect my alarm clock duties I immediately notified the tall person. Hmm, silence. He usually gets up after the third bark but sometimes he plays a little game with me by pretending not hear. At least I think it is a game. Anyway, I like it. It’s fun to see how long he can ignore my barking. Wow! Well done tall person you held out for fifteen barks!

He emerged into the hall way, clearly on auto-pilot and began our early morning routine. He let me into the garden, went to the bathroom, made himself a coffee, put Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot on the toy room balcony, made himself a second cup of coffee, checked the BBC news on his phone and finally went to the drawer in the kitchen to fetch my leash. I can hear the sound of my leash being taken out of the drawer from anywhere in the house. I was on the toy room balcony with Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot and immediately bounded into the kitchen.

15 minutes later we were in the forest. Our walk up to the forest was a little stressful. We met a number of street dogs on the way and several of them were aggressive and came quite close. The tall person always puts himself between me and the dogs and talks to me softly to keep me calm. We kept walking and eventually they gave up.

The forest was beautiful today but quite crowded. Lots of cows were grazing there. You can see some in the picture above. The tall person never lets me get too close to them because he thinks I might scare them. I have seen cattle stampedes in cowboy movies and know cows can spook easily so we left them alone and explored another part of the forest.

The cows must have been moving around a lot because I found lots of these things! The tall person told me that they are called “cow pies”. Hmm, I usually like pies but these don’t look very appetising.

Be careful tall person, you nearly trod on one!

8 thoughts on “Anyone for pie?

  1. Oh! How big ” cow pie” is! Me too, normally I love pies because it smells butter alot, but this one, hmmmmm…it looks smelly like …well….is it bearable being close to the one, Bassa??? Woo woo woo!!!

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