Ladies who sweep

On our walk this morning we saw one of the ladies who keep our neighborhood streets clean. Tbilisi has lots of these ladies. They sweep the roads and pick up any litter. At this time of year they are particularly busy as the leaves have begun falling from the trees.

They work very hard and I think they deserve a medal.

5 thoughts on “Ladies who sweep

  1. I wish we had ladies to sweep the street. We have a big truck with brushes attached beneath that comes round and brushes up the debris and leaves and then sucks it up into the truck. It’s VERY loud and it scares me!

  2. Those ladies who sweep the street, are they cleaning ladies? They belong to particular company? or they do it just as a volunteer? The orange vest that the lady wearing in the pic is a uniform? Hmmm…I have lots of questions. Woof!

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