Anyone for cake?

You may know that I like cake. In fact I love cake. So do many Georgians. There is a street near me that I call Cake Street because that is where the cake shops are. I love going there and sitting in front of the shop windows, drooling. I think I provide valuable free advertising but I’m not sure the shop staff agree – the sidewalk does get a little slippery!

Shops selling similar things can often be found grouped together in the same street. There is a mobile phone street where every other shop sells mobile phones. There is sports wear street opposite the National Stadium and there is also a furniture street and a bathroom street (not literally a bathroom). The tall person says that it is a good idea for shops to be grouped together like this because it saves time.

Anyway, back to cakes. Georgian cakes are very decorative and colourful. De used to make multi-tier, highly decorated cakes but would not let anyone eat them! She said that they were too pretty to eat – hmm, no cake is too pretty to eat De!

Some of the cakes displayed in the shops in Cake Street are very large and in the shape of bears and rabbits and other animals. The bear cake in the picture has been in the shop window for a long time and I think he looks sad because no one has bought him.

The lady who sells lemons and possibly candy

Continuing my series of posts about ladies who sell things I would like to introduce you to the lady who sells lemons. She is using an empty Snickers chocolate candy box as her table. I assume that the box is empty but perhaps she also sells candy. Hmm, candy and lemons would be a strange retail combination.

You will notice that her shop is extremely well organised. She has an adjustable chair with a back rest and she even has a small electric kettle to make refreshments (though I don’t know where she would plug it in).

It was sunny on the day that this picture was taken but this lady sits on the shady side of the street where it is much cooler and has planned ahead and worn some warm clothes.

I think this is one very organised business lady!

De told me that the lady sells bags of 10 lemons for 1 lari, which is 61 cents (at today’s exchange rate).

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