How do you see the world?

The tall person told me that we only see half of the world if we don’t look up. He said that many people just look ahead and miss many wonderful things that exist above their heads. Hmm, I do have a tendency to look straight ahead and only look up if I hear a noise. Of course, I am nearer the ground than the tall person but I will try to look up more often.

Sometimes I think the tall person has his head in the clouds, not because he is tall but because he sees things differently. We will often stop when we are out on our walks and he will look at something and tell me how unusual or beautiful it is. I look at what he is looking at and I will see a wall or a tree or a door but he sees texture and form and shadow and colour.

He took a picture of a wall the other day and asked me what I could see. I see a wall tall person!

He smiled and said he saw history and ingenuity and evolution. Hmm, I still see a wall.

I do know that sometimes, when I am inside, I can see outside at the same time. Not by looking out of a window but by looking at a reflection. I know it’s not real because I’ve looked on the other side. I don’t understand how it can exist but it does.

Perhaps I am beginning to see the world differently now.

12 thoughts on “How do you see the world?

  1. The newfs will be looking at the woods, or another yard and they will perk up and stare harder. I look the same direction &see grass, trees nothing new. I ask what do you see, mommy doesn’t see anything what do you see? They will look at me and back. Where they were looking telling me it’s right there. I look harder and still see nothing, so I guess I will never see the world as they see it. Wood be nice if we could all see everything, but we just have to see our own world 🙂

    • Worlds within worlds! We all see the world differently – that is why it is so interesting but it is good sometimes to look at things from a different perspective. When I was much smaller I was nervous about going down the steep front steps so the tall person got down on all fours and looked down the steep steps and agreed that he would not want to go down them head first! He looked at it from my perspective 🙂

  2. Hmmmm, humans are very complicated sometimes. We are simple creatures!!!
    However, your tall person is right. If we see the world more carefully, there will be many interesting things that we could realize!!! Woo woo! 🙂

  3. I see lots of things that my person doesn’t see. But she doesn’t know how to use her ears and nose to look. She only uses her eyes. She’s missing a lot.

  4. You seem to live in a place with a very long history, the way those stones are laid on the road and along the wall made me think so. It’s stunning, I haven’t seen things like that for a long time. How old ( approx.) is the place?

    • My neighborhood is one of the older areas of Tbilisi. It’s difficult to tell how old but there are still some cobbled streets and old buildings and walls and some vines that are as thick as your arm. It is a lovely place to live, especially as the mountain that I live on has a beautiful forest. Life here has not changed much in some ways. Shepherds still graze goats. Cows are grazed in the forest. Some people keep pigs. People sit outside their houses in the evenings and chat with neighbors as their children play in the street.

      • You know, somehow I never knew Tbilisi was that interesting and beautiful. I thought that as many other capitals it was just a big city with lots of administration buildings and transport.
        Amazing, it’s a real genuine beauty of the city and I like it that it still has forests and goats and pigs and all that cozy atmosphere you described.

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