Spider pup

I came back from an early walk with the tall person this morning and went to the toy room to relax. The little person had gone to school and it was too early for my mid-morning nap. What to do? De had cleared away the little person’s toys so there was nothing to chew and it was too hot to sit on the balcony.

Feeling at a loose end I looked around and suddenly remembered what the tall person had said to me this morning – if we don’t look up we only see half the world.

So I looked up and in one corner of the ceiling I saw a spider’s web. Hmm, De will remove that when she sees it. However, it gave me an idea. You may know that I don’t like flies and I am always on fly patrol in the house. I know that spiders catch flies with their sticky webs so maybe I could use the same technique.

I looked around for a suitable ambush position and decided that the gap between the dark gray chair (you see it as red in the picture) and the table would be ideal. I carefully attached one end of a string of sticky drool to the chair and the other to the side of the table. I then sat down and waited.

I am still waiting. I haven’t caught anything yet but I’m still hopeful!

How do you see the world?

The tall person told me that we only see half of the world if we don’t look up. He said that many people just look ahead and miss many wonderful things that exist above their heads. Hmm, I do have a tendency to look straight ahead and only look up if I hear a noise. Of course, I am nearer the ground than the tall person but I will try to look up more often.

Sometimes I think the tall person has his head in the clouds, not because he is tall but because he sees things differently. We will often stop when we are out on our walks and he will look at something and tell me how unusual or beautiful it is. I look at what he is looking at and I will see a wall or a tree or a door but he sees texture and form and shadow and colour.

He took a picture of a wall the other day and asked me what I could see. I see a wall tall person!

He smiled and said he saw history and ingenuity and evolution. Hmm, I still see a wall.

I do know that sometimes, when I am inside, I can see outside at the same time. Not by looking out of a window but by looking at a reflection. I know it’s not real because I’ve looked on the other side. I don’t understand how it can exist but it does.

Perhaps I am beginning to see the world differently now.