Am I that transparent?

I took the tall person to the forest on Snake Mountain this afternoon. You may remember that there really are snakes there – that’s why I call it Snake Mountain.

I always worry about the tall person when we are in the forest. He is easily distracted by nature and I didn’t want him to wander off and meet a snake or get lost in this big forest so I reminded him to hold on tight to my lead. He is funny – he thinks the lead is for my benefit!

It was a lovely warm sunny afternoon and we walked slowly, enjoying the silence. Very few people come here, which surprises me because it is very beautiful. It was especially quiet today. I didn’t even see any shepherds.

On the way back we stopped for a rest and the tall person noticed I was dribbling. He laughed and suggested that I was dreaming of cake! I was so surprised. Am I that transparent? Yes tall person I was dreaming of cake. It is my birthday tomorrow and De’s sister, Mari, said that she will make me a birthday cake. I must admit I have been dreaming about that all day……….and dribbling with anticipation!

11 thoughts on “Am I that transparent?

  1. Snake Mountain looks like such a great place to exlore!
    I don’t know a thing about my birthday, but I understand the intense way of dreaming when you think of the cake.

  2. That looks like a great walk! Perfect for a birthday outing. I would like cake, too, though. Do you think cakes can be peanut butter flavored?

  3. Woo! Snake Mountain! It sounds scary to me because I’m very coward and even Fly scares me, which makes my mom laugh at. You are brave lady, Bassa! Woof!

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