Am I that transparent?

I took the tall person to the forest on Snake Mountain this afternoon. You may remember that there really are snakes there – that’s why I call it Snake Mountain.

I always worry about the tall person when we are in the forest. He is easily distracted by nature and I didn’t want him to wander off and meet a snake or get lost in this big forest so I reminded him to hold on tight to my lead. He is funny – he thinks the lead is for my benefit!

It was a lovely warm sunny afternoon and we walked slowly, enjoying the silence. Very few people come here, which surprises me because it is very beautiful. It was especially quiet today. I didn’t even see any shepherds.

On the way back we stopped for a rest and the tall person noticed I was dribbling. He laughed and suggested that I was dreaming of cake! I was so surprised. Am I that transparent? Yes tall person I was dreaming of cake. It is my birthday tomorrow and De’s sister, Mari, said that she will make me a birthday cake. I must admit I have been dreaming about that all day……….and dribbling with anticipation!

Women set fire to street!

I was relaxing on the toy room balcony early this morning when I noticed two women chatting on the street. Nothing unusual in that you might think but moments later I saw them set fire to a pile of leaves and rubbish at the edge of the sidewalk! I immediately alerted the tall person. He told me that I had done well to bark a warning but it was nothing to worry about. He explained that many people, especially older ones, still burn their rubbish in the street. Hmm, I don’t like it. It is smelly and makes my eyes water. I went inside and the tall person closed the balcony door to stop the smoke coming into the house.

Shortly after the ‘arson’ incident, the school bus came to collect the little person and I went down to the street with him to say hello to his friends on the bus and then I set off on my morning walk with the tall person.

The tall person told me that when he was locking the doors last night he had heard a Caucasian Shepherd dog barking in the neighborhood. I have heard it before. It has a deep, rich bark and is probably a large dog. The tall person said that we would try to find where it lives. I readily agreed and we set off and we were soon deep in the maze of little streets and alleys.

The neighborhood was busy with little people walking to school and tall people and short people leaving their houses to go to work. Even the chickens were leaving their houses to begin their day on the streets. I saw one standing at his yard door. Hmm, I wonder how the owner of that house gets his car through that small door.

As we walked I noticed more piles of burnt rubbish, some still smouldering and smokey. Perhaps the two women from my street travel around the neighborhood and burn things for other people.

We walked on and discovered a very patriotic tree flying a Georgian flag! The tall person took a photo and as I was waiting I noticed something at the end of the street.

As we got closer we realised it was a large Caucasian Shepherd. He had heard us coming and had come to the edge of his veranda to say hello!

As soon as the Caucasian barked we knew we had found our mystery barker. The tall person took several photographs whilst I sat and admired this magnificent dog. He barked and barked and was clearly excited to see me. He is very handsome and probably has a lot of admirers but I am a lady so I remained calm and demure!

We said goodbye and slowly made our way back home. By the time we got back to our street the pile of leaves and rubbish had burnt out and the air was sweet again. I’ll have a sleep now and dream about the magnificent Caucasian dreaming about me!