I don’t understand Chinese so we couldn’t have a chat

The tall person made a joke this morning but I’m not sure I got it. In my street there is a wall covered in ivy. As we passed it on our walk the tall person said “that’s creepy” and laughed. Hmm, I don’t think it’s at all scary. In fact, I think it is very beautiful.

The tall person was still chuckling to himself as we climbed up the steep road at the end of our street. You might remember that we live on the side of a mountain. The tall person told me that we were not going to climb to the top today but he wanted to go high enough to take a picture of the city and the mountains in the distance.

We didn’t need to go far and I waited patiently in the early morning sunshine as he took several pictures. I didn’t mind waiting. He always waits for me when I find something interesting to sniff. When he had finished we walked back down to a small cobbled side street and entered the maze that is our neighborhood.

I don’t particularly like the little cobbled road as it is quite difficult to walk on so I walked on the grass at the edge.

The roads in my neighborhood are not all the same. Some are tarmac, some are cobbled and some are dirt tracks. When it rains, the water runs down them in rivers and over time damages them, making them dangerous for cars and people.

In this picture you can see that someone has been washing their car in the street and the water is following the course of the damage done by the rain.

This little street is typical of the ones in my neighborhood. It is narrow and does not have sidewalks.

It wasn’t long before I met the first yard dog. It must have sensed I was coming as I could hear it barking before I saw it. He poked his head between the fence on his veranda. I think it was his head. It was difficult to tell because he was very hairy. For all I know he could have been poking his bottom out at me!

My next encounter was with a Pekinese. I saw him in the distance and he saw me and very cautiously approached me. I am never aggressive with other dogs so he need not have worried. Anyway, he came up and said hello but I don’t understand Chinese so we couldn’t have a chat.

I did make a new friend though. We were walking past a house when we saw a girl at the window holding a little dog. The tall person said hello and took a picture and the girl went and got her camera and took a picture of me.

We then saw something very unusual. The tall person said it was a car chassis. Oh no, what will the owner say when he discovers that someone has stolen most of his car and just left the bones!

On the way back we passed the ivy on the wall and the tall person chuckled to himself. Sorry tall person, I still don’t get the joke!

20 thoughts on “I don’t understand Chinese so we couldn’t have a chat

  1. The hairy dog you first met is truly hairy! *giggles* Yes, it’s hard to tell if it is his head! Oh, what a shame that you couldn’t have a chat with the Pekinese. Me neither, I have no idea about Chinese though. Maybe, she or he might know English a bit? Next time when you see her/him, what about saying ” Hello” in English?
    I didn’t get why your tall person chuckling because of the ivy, either??? Woof?

  2. Very nice pictures and we enjoyed the walk with you. We had to look twice to see which end the doggie had sticking out of the fence. 🙂 He was sure hairy. You saw some cute doggies on your walk. Sorry sweet Bassa that you didn’t get the creepy joke. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. First, great title–it really drew me in! Second, that is so sweet that the little girl and your human “exchanged” pictures. I love that story. I’m trying to work up the nerve to take more pictures of the dogs I see around town, but I’m sometimes afraid their owners will be weirded out.

  4. Some very beautiful dogs in Georgia! Of course you are the most beautiful! The Collies don’t get the ivy joke either…… Ginger wants you to know she is from Georgia too! I had to explain that she is from the state of Georgia and you are in the country of Georgia. But, she says it doesn’t matter for you both are from a Georgia! 🙂 I love your walking pictures and stories! Keep up the great blogs! 🙂

  5. Hi Bassa! 🙂 Perhaps I can teach you some Chinese while we go out for a walk sometime. Nice little niche you got here by the way so I’ll be back to read more of your walks and talks.

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