Claws, paws and autumn leaves

De has made some soup for breakfast and while I am waiting for it to cool I will share some of the highlights of my early morning walk.

I woke just before dawn and roused the tall person with several short but effective alarm barks. He knows that if he does not react within a reasonable time I will bark louder and wake the little person. Moments later he appeared in the hall way with half closed eyes and patted me. He missed my head but I am not offended because I know he is a little un-coordinated before his first cup of coffee. Weaving his way to the back door he let me out into the garden.

By the time I came back in he was drinking coffee and his eyes were opening. Good morning tall person, welcome to the world!

We both watched the sunrise from the toy room balcony (very beautiful) and then I led him back to the kitchen to fetch my lead.

Okay tall person. Do you have your phone? Yes. Your cap? Yes. Let’s go!

It’s still very early so the neighborhood is quiet. The sky is lightening as dawn becomes day and the air is cool.

The tall person rarely takes me on the same walk. He likes to explore the many little side streets that make up our neighborhood. He says it is more like a village than the suburb of a capital city. There was no plan when this area was first settled – it evolved and it is still evolving. People build up and out and sideways. No two houses are the same.

Anyway, the leaves have started to fall and are swept by passing cars to the edges of the sidewalks. They are a treasure trove of scents. I check every pile that we come across whilst the tall person waits patiently. I like walking with him because he never hurries me. He is interested in everything and will take pictures and point things out to me and tell me about the things he sees.

As we walk, the neighborhood begins to wake and we see some people and some street dogs and……….some chickens!

I often hear chickens in the neighborhood but this is the first time I have seen them in the street. They reminded me of Lovely Lynlee’s chickens. I walked past them and didn’t bother them.

As I pass yards I often hear dogs on the other side of their fences and gates. Many people in the neighborhood have dogs but they are mostly yard dogs and never go outside. They must be very jealous of me being able to walk around freely. That is probably why they get so excited and bark a lot.

This little dog pushed his paw under the gate and then managed to push his nose under.

It’s a shame that this is all he sees of the world.

Ah, we are nearly home. We have turned into my street and I can see my green yard door and the toy room balcony.

I think I’ll have a nap when we get in. Thank you for a lovely early morning walk tall person. You relax and have another cup of coffee!