Yellow cab – Tbilisi style!

On this morning’s walk I saw a yellow taxi. The tall person told me that yellow taxis (or cabs as they are called in the States) are very popular in New York. He said they are iconic, which means they are part of the culture of the city and instantly recognisable by people all over the world.

Hmm, it would be nice if my yellow taxi was iconic. It seems to be well equipped for it’s job. It even has a roof rack to carry extra passengers when it is full up inside. I also noticed that the driver has decorated his taxi with a very stylish ‘go faster’ stripe in a dashing ‘racing gray’ color!

So you see, Tbilisi has yellow cabs too and I think they are very iconic.

14 thoughts on “Yellow cab – Tbilisi style!

  1. Woo! Yellow taxi in Tbilishi look nice! but hang on Bassa, the taxi has a roof rack for extra PASSENGERS? which means humans ride on the roof? Woo! and “go faster”? Isn’t It dangerous? Woof?

  2. The taxis in NYC go REALLY fast and dash in and out of cars, applying their brakes at the last minute and causing their passengers to grab hold of the seats. Plus they charge a ridiculus amount of money to ride them.

    I’m thinking I like your taxi cab better.

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