The lady who sells little things

I would like to introduce you to the lady who sells little things. She sits in the same place every day, regardless of the weather. If it is raining she covers her little shop with an umbrella and if it is cold she wears her coat. She sells newspapers and magazines and lots of little interesting and useful things, such as tissues and matches.

I particularly like her gravity defying table and fragile chair that looks as if it would collapse if a butterfly landed on it.

There are lots of ladies who sell little things on the streets of Tbilisi.

12 thoughts on “The lady who sells little things

  1. Mom says that personally, she like these small shops. Of course, Big shops have more various things than them, but the small shops have more exchanges between the owners and the customers. That is one of the pleasures for buying things. Woo woo. 🙂

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