I see you in yellow, blue and gray

One of my friends on Facebook shared a link today that was called ‘Can dogs see color?’ It sounded interesting so I clicked on it. Apparently the colors green, yellow and orange look yellowish to me, and violet and blue appear as blue. Blue-green is gray to me and red is very dark gray.

Hmm, this explains a lot. The tall person sometimes asks me to fetch my red toy so he can play with me but until now I had no idea what he was talking about. I do have a toy that is dark gray. Ah, the tall person sees it as red. In future tall person can you please ask me to fetch my dark gray toy and we will both know what you mean.

Anyway, I thought you would like to see a picture of my one-sheep-flock sitting on his dark gray chair.

16 thoughts on “I see you in yellow, blue and gray

  1. Good to see the one-sheep-flock again, Bassa.
    As far as I noticed, each one of my dogs has / had another perception of colours, but nothing but shades of grey? none. For example, one of them recognized far-away persons by the colours of their winter coats or other clothes, they used to wear often. Somtimes he failed, it was just the same coat / dress, but another person.

  2. Great job at herding! 🙂 Do you herd anything else? The collies here used to herd the little people… 🙂 I always knew where the little ones were for the collies had them herded into the back corner of the yard.. LOL

    • I must do an update on my one-sheep-flock. He asked me the other day if I loved Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot more than him because I’m always writing about him. I told him that no one could love Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot. That reassured him but now he is expecting a mention on the blog!

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