He is running out of gas!

This is a picture of the little person, just home from school and crawling up the front steps. Come on little person – just a few more steps to go. Poor little student person. He is clearly exhausted. What is the education system doing to him? I see him leave early each morning carrying a very heavy bag and I don’t see him again until 6.00 p.m. and his bag is even heavier!

I asked the tall person why learning was so tough and he told me that learning prepares you for life and then sustains you. It is the fuel for life and the more we learn the further we will travel.

Ah, I think the little person needs more fuel. It looks like he is running out of gas!

Don’t worry little person, De told me that you have lots of homework to do. That will top up your gas tank!

19 thoughts on “He is running out of gas!

  1. My sisters little person that i help take care of is 6 and is in kindergarten….shes seems to carry home more things than she left with also…however im a tall person and go to school and my bag weighs more at the end of the day also than it started with so i guess it never changes lol

  2. Oh, we thinks little person needs a nice healthy snack to fill him up again so he will have energy to do that ‘lots’ of homework. Maybe you can have a snack with him. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. My mom said that granny always told her “You should learn as many as possible while you have those opportunity” when she was a student.
    Your tall person is right. Learning helps our life a lot! Woo woo!!! 🙂

    • It would not be a good idea to meet him half way because I would be tempted to shoot straight past him and escape from the yard – he usuallyforgets to close the yard door!

  4. The little person I am raising relies on lots of meals and snacks to keep her energy level up through the day – there is first breakfast at home, second breakfast at before school day care, third breakfast at school, lunch at school, snack at school, snack at after-school care, possibly snack once she gets home if I am in a generous mood, dinner and then dessert!

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