He is running out of gas!

This is a picture of the little person, just home from school and crawling up the front steps. Come on little person – just a few more steps to go. Poor little student person. He is clearly exhausted. What is the education system doing to him? I see him leave early each morning carrying a very heavy bag and I don’t see him again until 6.00 p.m. and his bag is even heavier!

I asked the tall person why learning was so tough and he told me that learning prepares you for life and then sustains you. It is the fuel for life and the more we learn the further we will travel.

Ah, I think the little person needs more fuel. It looks like he is running out of gas!

Don’t worry little person, De told me that you have lots of homework to do. That will top up your gas tank!

I see you in yellow, blue and gray

One of my friends on Facebook shared a link today that was called ‘Can dogs see color?’ It sounded interesting so I clicked on it. Apparently the colors green, yellow and orange look yellowish to me, and violet and blue appear as blue. Blue-green is gray to me and red is very dark gray.

Hmm, this explains a lot. The tall person sometimes asks me to fetch my red toy so he can play with me but until now I had no idea what he was talking about. I do have a toy that is dark gray. Ah, the tall person sees it as red. In future tall person can you please ask me to fetch my dark gray toy and we will both know what you mean.

Anyway, I thought you would like to see a picture of my one-sheep-flock sitting on his dark gray chair.

I never carry cash!

I went to the pet shop yesterday to get more food. The tall person and De went with me because I needed someone to pay for it. I never carry cash. The tall person told me that neither does the Queen of the U.K. I asked him if she has a tall person that pays for food for her corgi dogs when she goes to the pet shop and he said she probably does.

Oh, I also need the tall person to carry the bags!

Anyway, I like the pet shop very much. It smells great! I think that it is owned by the dog that you can see in the picture but he seems very lazy. He is always sleeping and I have never seen him serve a customer.

He has hired a new assistant but I think he is as lazy as the owner. When I arrived at the shop he must have only just got up because he was still washing himself. It was 1.30 in the afternoon!

He gave me such a look when I interrupted his ablutions and asked for some dog food. Goodness me, whatever happened to good customer service?