Dirty qwerty

I saw a report on the news today about health hazards associated with dirty computer keyboards. Apparently, our keyboards are covered with bacteria and germs that could upset our tummies. Yuck!

Obviously, my paws are absolutely spotless and completely germ free but the tall person also uses my laptop and I am not so sure about him.

Hmm, he is looking over my shoulder as I write this and he assures me that he washes his hands frequently but admitted he did sneeze whilst using my laptop this morning. I am not surprised – look how dusty this keyboard is!

Oh dear, my tummy feels a little wobbly.

De! De! Help! The keyboard has poisoned me!

9 thoughts on “Dirty qwerty

  1. Woo, Bassa! You’ve got your own computer!!! Great! I wish mom bought me my own one, too. Then my keyboards would be absolutely dirty. Woo woo!!!

  2. Oh, nos!!! Get the disinfectant and clean your keyboard sweet Bassa. We never thoughts of the keyboard being all germie thanks for the heads up. Hugs and nose kisses

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