Me and my shadow

This is my shadow. I don’t mean my actual shadow but the shadow of the person who is always with me. He is the last person I see before I go to sleep and usually the first person I see in the morning. He is the person who gets up in the night if I hear a noise and start barking. He is the person who feeds me and makes sure I have fresh water – I drink a lot so he is kept quite busy! He is the person who I learn from. He is the person who helps me understand the world. He is the person I go to if I feel lonely. He is the person who brushes me. He is the person who watches the sunrise and sunset with me. He is the person who walks with me (De and the little person also do this). He is the person who solves problems. He is also the person who follows me around with a camera!

This is my tall person, my shadow.

Don’t worry, he hasn’t suddenly put on weight. He was wearing a leather jacket today because it was quite cold out, even though the sun was shining.

Dirty qwerty

I saw a report on the news today about health hazards associated with dirty computer keyboards. Apparently, our keyboards are covered with bacteria and germs that could upset our tummies. Yuck!

Obviously, my paws are absolutely spotless and completely germ free but the tall person also uses my laptop and I am not so sure about him.

Hmm, he is looking over my shoulder as I write this and he assures me that he washes his hands frequently but admitted he did sneeze whilst using my laptop this morning. I am not surprised – look how dusty this keyboard is!

Oh dear, my tummy feels a little wobbly.

De! De! Help! The keyboard has poisoned me!

My friend Little Man Bollman has more time than me!

I glanced at the clock as I began to write this post. It is Tuesday, 10.40 a.m. here in Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia. I checked on the internet and the time in Tokyo is 3.40 in the afternoon. In New York it is 2.40 at night. In Seattle in the U.S. it is 11.40 in the evening and still Monday! Hmm, it is Tuesday for me but still Monday for my Facebook friend Little Man Bollman in Seattle.

I asked the tall person why we do not all share the same time and he said that the earth is constantly turning on its axis. If people everywhere set their clocks to the same time, midnight would be in the middle of the night on one side of the globe and the middle of the day on the opposite side. He said that this would be very confusing so the earth is divided into artificial time zones so that people will always see the sun at its highest at noon wherever they are.

I don’t think it’s fair. My friend Little Man Bollman in Seattle clearly has more time than me!