Memories are forever treasures

Recently, I posted a story written by the tall person in which I save Santa Claus and receive a hero medal from the President of Georgia. I am very proud of that but I know that you know that I didn’t do it for the medal or for the new collar that Santa gave me. I did it because helping people is a good thing to do.

Anyway, the story about me saving Santa reminded me that we all save things everyday. I sometimes save part of a bone to eat later. I have also noticed that people like to save things. Not all people. The little person hasn’t really grasped this concept yet. I’ve noticed that if he is given any candies he will eat them all and then be hugely disappointed when they are all gone. He doesn’t realise that if he had buried some in the garden he would have some left to enjoy later! Bless him, he is still young and silly.

I talked to the tall person about saving things and he told me that people like to save things because they want to enjoy them later but also because having something is better than not having something. He also said that we can’t see some of the greatest treasures we save. He could see that I was struggling with this and went on to explain that memories are the greatest things that we can ever save. Yes, you are right tall person, memories are forever treasures.

14 thoughts on “Memories are forever treasures

  1. Me too! I often save part of a bone to enjoy later, but funnily sometimes I forget where I save it and end up looking for it!!! Mom always teases me about it! OMD!
    Yes, memories are great treasures for us, and I’ve already got lots of wonderful memories from Twitter anipals. Woo woo! 🙂

  2. I can NEVER find the treasures I bury. Mostly I find other people’s… and scoff the lot. The young one you mention with the sweets – well that reminds me of Lucy she eats her food all in one go. I like to nibble and return. That is youth I guess!

    Lovely Post this – made me think.


  3. Beautiful picture of you sweet Bassa and this post is wonderful. Memories are wonderful things to have. Hugs and nose kisses

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