Bassa’s Academy for Better Dogs – Progress Report

After breakfast this morning the tall person provided me with a Report Card for the last semester. I took it to the balcony to study. Ah, the sun is shining. I think I will enjoy reading about the excellent performance made by my students. Good, I see that Lovely Lynlee is still doing very well. Well done Lovely Lynlee, you are an excellent student. Hmm, we have a couple of “sleepy ones” – have you been nodding off in class and skipping lessons? What’s this? Oh dear – Jane, you must try to work a little faster (and no, a cake will not buy you an A+).

I see that several of you need more guidance. I want you to stay behind after reading this post and complete the assignment I’ve set at the end.

Hmm, I need to call a number of your parents. I hope you will share this report card with them before my phone call. I know that some of you may be grounded because of your results but it will do you no good to hide your report card!

Well, I must say that I am surprised. This is supposed to be the top class in Bassa’s Academy for Better Dogs. Education is everything in life. Do you want a top dog job or do you want to lie on your sofa and drool all day? It’s up to you but rest assured you are not alone. I will continue to do my best to help you. We must all work together to improve these marks.


I know it is Sunday and you would prefer to be out in the sunshine sniffing trees and bushes and chasing your tail but work comes first. Open your text book at ‘Bassa’s Tips for Dogs’ and study. You know the Academy’s motto – ‘Work before play’.