International Day of Older Persons

I saw on the news that today is International Day of Older Persons. I asked the tall person about this and he told me that this holiday is celebrated by raising awareness of the issues affecting older people and it is also a day to appreciate the contributions that older people make to society.

I don’t know many older persons. I sometimes see them when I am out on walks and I know that they like to play dominoes and sit in the shade chatting and they also like to play with their grandchildren.

Several older persons are neighbours of mine and as it is International Day of Older Persons I thought it would be nice to acknowledge them with awards I have devised myself.

The Happiest Older Person Award

This award goes to the grandfather who lives in the house next to mine. I think I have mentioned him before. He is the happiest older person I have ever known. He is always smiling and cheerful. He devotes a lot of time to his little grandchild and I often see them playing together and laughing.

The Fittest Older Person Award

This award also goes to the grandfather who lives in the house next to mine.

This is a picture of him cutting wood for the winter. His house has a wood burning stove and he has to chop lots of wood to make sure his family do not get cold in winter.

Congratulations grandfather neighbour – you have won two awards!

The Kindest Older Person Award

This award goes to another neighbour of mine. He is a quiet man but always says hello to me when he sees me and sometimes gives me treats, which is nice. In the hot summer evenings I often see him from my balcony sitting on the low wall on the other side of our street, chatting with neighbours.

Older Person Hero Award

I am not sure if the tall person is old enough to qualify as an older person but he does have grey hair. Anyway, he is my hero and I think he deserves an award. Congratulations tall person!

Everyone knows an older person and I am sure they would love to hear from you today!

Hello tall person. How are you today?

9 thoughts on “International Day of Older Persons

  1. Woo woo! International Day of Older Persons! We have a similar day, which is ” Respect for the Aged Day” as a public holiday in Japan and this year, it was on the 19th of Sept. In my family, my Granny and Grandpa are very old enough for the day, so I gave them lots of my CUTE faces and wagging tails!!!
    Although your tall person is not old enough for the day, he should get the award as you said!!!He is your Hero!!! Woo woo woo! 🙂

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