My hills are alive with the sound of music

The sick little person slept through the night but the tall person didn’t and neither did I. We were both woken up at 4.30 a.m. by the sound of music and I don’t mean the Julie Andrews movie. After a while the music stopped and I laid down again but a couple of minutes later I heard it again. I got up to investigate and so did the tall person. We met in the hall but I didn’t get too close. I always give him a wide berth when he first gets up because his eyes are half closed and he doesn’t walk in a straight line. Anyway, we followed the sound to the kitchen and found the little person’s phone vibrating and flashing and singing loudly on the kitchen table. The tall person picked it up, pressed some buttons and the phone stopped singing.

I went to the toy room balcony to watch the dawn and the tall person made himself some strong coffee. I could hear him muttering to himself. I don’t think he likes the little person’s singing phone.

Apparently, the little person had set the alarm on his phone but when the tall person later questioned him about it he had no recollection.

Hmm, if you can’t control your singing phone little person I may have to make some adjustments to it – do you remember how I re-engineered the TV remote?

25 thoughts on “My hills are alive with the sound of music

  1. Hi there Bassa

    We understand perfectly regarding tall peeps first thing, our hoomin is just the same, and your post made shewhatfeedsus laugh (don’t think she realises she the same, lol…).

    As for music making gadgets – well they were designed for chewing – weren’t they!

    Have a great week


  2. Hi Bassa, how does your little person feel now? Is he getting better? I hope he is. OMD, you re-engineered the TV remote? Wow, great! We need you here because in our family, all humans are very bad at technology stuff!!! especially grandpa and granny are the worst! (oops!!!) They always asked about their mobiles to mom, who is also bad at it. very hopeless…* sigh*
    Pls give huge * pawhugs* to your little person for me, Bassa.

    • Hi Kevin. Thank you for asking about the little person. He is feeling much better and has not been sick. I will tell him that you wished him well. Your humans are not good with technology? You live in Japan – the centre for technology!

      P.S. When I said I re-engineered it I meant I chewed it until it fell apart 🙂

      • *blush* I’m sorry for my misunderstanding…Bassa. You actually broke theTV remote! Oh no! then “adjustment” means….wow!!! Yes, people say that we have good technology in Japan, but…well…maybe our family is aliens???

      • Yes Kevin, when I was younger I “adjusted” a lot of things. I don’t do it as much now but if the opportunity presents itself……:)

        You live with aliens. Wow! That is so cool.

  3. The other morning one of the humuns left her alarm clock on whilst she was spending the night else where! The human who was left walked in the room with the alarm clock and shouted shut up – they weren’t impressed that that didn’t work so hit everything they could find on the clock!

    I was amused – althought very unimpressed my slepp was disturbed!

  4. Why what a great blog you have here, Bassa! We’re Bernese Mountain Dog girls and we can relate to what you have written. We’re sorry to read that you have a sick little person at home. We have siblings, and are always concerned when they’re not feeling well. They worry about us, too–so hopefully, you can get some rest after being awakened early by that funny toy. Also, your previous post of being a nurse and sleeping at/on the little person’s feet to keep them warm–so kind of you!

    Looking forward to reading more posts. Woof! from the Berner girls!

    • Dear lovely Berner girls, I am very pleased to meet you. My little person is much better today. The doctor gave him medicine yesterday and it must have done its job. Well done medicine but I do like to think that my keeping his feet warm also helped him on the road to recovery.

  5. The little people who sometimes visit my house have a toy that likes to sing. It’s a little puppy (which I love) but he is motion activated and can sometimes startle me when he starts singing.

    At least you got to see a beautiful sunrise. 😉

    • It’s strange Jodi, I have never been frightened by thunder or loud noises and I wasn’t frightened by the singing phone but I do not like my sleep disturbed. I don’t think the tall person does either 🙂

      The sunrise was beautiful.

    • The little person has a room for his toys – we call it the toy room. There is a balcony leading off it that overlooks the street.

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