I would like some chicken soup!

The little person had a good night’s sleep and didn’t call for me but I couldn’t really settle because I was listening to him breathe, expecting him to stir any moment. Have you ever listened to someone breathe when they are asleep? After a while your breathing synchronizes, which feels lovely but then it slows or gets quicker and you try to synchronize again and then it stops for a while and you lie there worrying until it starts again. I couldn’t stop myself listening so I spent most of the night breathing irregularly whilst he slept like a baby!

In the morning he jumped out of bed and called for De, completely recovered. I however, feel shattered and can’t stop yawning!

De said she will make him chicken soup today, which sounds nice but who will look after poor tired Bassa? I would like some chicken soup De.

13 thoughts on “I would like some chicken soup!

  1. Oh, Bassa, my mama makes awesome chicken soup. Or so she tells me. She falls asleep, listening to me breathe all the time. Says she couldn’t sleep without me now. Happy to hear the little one is up and at ’em again! You are obviously a great nurse.

  2. So glad to hear little person is better. We hopes you got some of that chicken soup for all your good nursing sweet Bassa. Did you get some good napping in to get rested up? Hugs and nose kisses

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