The great escape!

I always know when the tall person, De and the little person intend to go out without me. Firstly, the tall person will close and lock the toy room door so I can’t get to the balcony and bark at passers by whilst they are out. Secondly, he will check the kitchen table to see if there is anything interesting within my reach.

Normally I don’t mind them going out without me because they often bring back something nice for me from the shops but I didn’t go for a walk yesterday and wanted to stretch my legs.

So when I saw the tall person go to lock the toy room door this afternoon I went out on the veranda, knowing that he wouldn’t want to leave me outside. From my vantage point, overlooking the yard, I watched as De and the little person went down the front steps into the yard. Ah, the advance party is in position.

The tall person then came out to the veranda to bring me inside. Ha! I easily sidestepped him and ran back into the house, along the long hall way and out the front door and down the front steps and into the yard before he knew what was happening. The little person thought this was very funny.

Realising what I had done, the tall person came down the front steps to get me. He knew it would be difficult to get me back up the steps if I didn’t want to go so he unlocked the door to the steps that lead from the yard to the veranda (they are less steep) and pushed me up them. Big mistake tall person. You should have held on to my collar. I bounded up the steps, ran across the veranda, through the open back door………

……along the hall way, out the front door and down the front steps and into the yard. Full circle! Even De was laughing now!

After a few moments, the tall person emerged smiling from the house and stood at the top of the front steps holding my lead.

Victory! We went for a lovely walk in the forest but as soon as we got back the tall person made a gate at the top of the front steps. Ah, back to the drawing board. Hmm, perhaps a tunnel next time?

I would like some chicken soup!

The little person had a good night’s sleep and didn’t call for me but I couldn’t really settle because I was listening to him breathe, expecting him to stir any moment. Have you ever listened to someone breathe when they are asleep? After a while your breathing synchronizes, which feels lovely but then it slows or gets quicker and you try to synchronize again and then it stops for a while and you lie there worrying until it starts again. I couldn’t stop myself listening so I spent most of the night breathing irregularly whilst he slept like a baby!

In the morning he jumped out of bed and called for De, completely recovered. I however, feel shattered and can’t stop yawning!

De said she will make him chicken soup today, which sounds nice but who will look after poor tired Bassa? I would like some chicken soup De.