Nursing is such hard work!

Up and down, up and down, up and down. Sometimes days are full of ups and downs. Well, my day has been like that. I have been looking after the little person who has been feeling poorly today.

The one thing that is not feeling poorly is his voice.

“Can I have some water…..I’m hungry…..I’m bored…’s too bright in here…’s too light…..I’m hot……I’m cold……I want to read……I don’t like this book……I want to watch a movie……I can’t find the remote control”.

Are all little people like this when they are not well? Paediatric nursing is such hard work!

Hmm, he’s been quiet for 5 minutes. Perhaps he is asleep. I could do with a nap. I shall just close my eyes…….

“Bassa!” Bassa!” Ok, I hear you little ill person. I’m coming. What does he want now? Deep breath. I am a professional, I am a professional…….

7 thoughts on “Nursing is such hard work!

  1. I feel sad for you, Bassa. Lets hope he gets well quikly. And you can have you´r usually normal days. ( Sorry my english is not the best, hope you understand me) Hugs to you, you´r doing a hard work.

  2. But we know you are doing such a great job sweet Bassa…rest when you can. We hope the little person feels much better today. Hugs and nose kisses

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