Nurse Bassa

The little person wasn’t well during the night and woke us all up. He was still unwell in the morning so he didn’t go to school today. Poor little person.

I have been looking after him and I am pleased to report that thanks to my diligent care he now feels well enough to play computer games.

As you can see from the computer screen in the picture, my patient is on the road to recovery – well actually he is on the road to somewhere!

Now it is time for Nurse Bassa to take a well deserved break and catch up on some of that lost sleep. Please don’t ‘beep’ me for a while little person – Nurse Bassa is very tired.

I must remember to ask De to phone his teacher and ask her for the weekend homework – we wouldn’t want the little person to miss that would we! I am sure when he is fully recovered he will want to thank me for thinking of his education.

10 thoughts on “Nurse Bassa

  1. Playing computer games ist the last thing, little boys ar not well enough for, so I wish all the best for his recovery, but I am in doubts about him enjoying your education skills as much as your nursing.

  2. Sweet Bassa you are being such a good nurse and giving that little person lots of TLC. Sure hope he is all well very soon. Enjoy your nap! Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Oh, Bassa, I hope your little one is okay now! Your diligence and love will surely heal him in no time. …he might even pretend to be sick for longer, just so he can be around you for a little bit more….

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