“Bottom paper”

I’ve just been to the shops with the tall person. On the way back we had an English language lesson. We do this regularly and today we discussed the nuances of the English language. It was prompted by the tall person hearing the little person say that there was “no bottom paper in the bathroom”. The tall person had smiled at this literal translation and told him that the correct term is “toilet paper”. The little person thought about this for a while and then asked why people use words that don’t really describe things properly. He used the example of ’tissues’ and said that “nose paper” would be a much better description.  The tall person had to agree that “nose paper” would be more accurate but pointed out that some words had been created to ‘soften’ things, especially those things associated with people ‘maintaining’ their bodies!

Hmm, interesting but I’m still not clear why wood is such a popular body maintenance product!

Turkish delight!

One of my favourite shops in Marjanishvili Street is a Turkish cake shop. It has the most amazingly delicious cakes and pastries. Unfortunately, I can only take the tall person’s word for this as I am not allowed to eat them because they are made with lots of syrup and sugar. He said that the cakes literally melt in your mouth!

I like to sit outside the shop and gaze longingly at the beautiful cakes and……….drool!

You can see from the photo that the shop is very popular with girls who have a sweet tooth. Watch your figures young ladies!

The cake shop on Marjanishvili Street is part of the district of Didube-Chugureti, an area of Tbilisi that has a sizable Turkish community. Because of this, there are lots of Turkish shops and cafes and restaurants. I asked the tall person why there are so many and he told me that part of Georgia borders with Turkey so it is no surprise that people from Turkey have settled here. Oh, I thought they came here to be near the cake shop!