There are some things we can choose to share but…….

The tall person told me that the ancient Egyptians greeted the sun each morning with a ritual, part of which included the words, ‘May your rays illuminate the earth’. That sounds nice. I have my own ritual each morning. I usually wake before dawn and alert my pre-dawn companion (the tall person) that it is time to get up and let me outside so that I can ‘water the earth’. I then go to the toy room balcony and watch the sunrise. I usually perform this part of the ritual alone because the tall person has his own dawn ritual that involves a cup of strong black coffee.

Today was a little different. I waited on the balcony and watched as the sky got lighter but I couldn’t see the sunrise because the sky was cloudy.

The tall person assured me that the sun did rise but we couldn’t see it because of the clouds. He told me that the sun is always shining but sometimes we can’t see it because of the clouds. Ok, I have seen a cloud cover the sun during the day and noticed it was still there when the cloud drifted away but where does the sun go at night? The tall person smiled and told me that at night the Earth has its back to the sun. He explained that all the people and plants and animals in our world have to share the sun’s light and warmth so the Earth turns slowly and when it is dawn for us it is sunset for people and plants and animals on the other side of the world.

Ah, I think I understand. There are some things that we can choose to share but darkness and light is shared by everyone. ‘Yes’ he replied, ‘if you understand this you will accept that the sun cannot always shine for you and you have to share the darkness but you will also know that darkness will turn to light’.

Hmm, I think there was a deeper message here but it’s time for a nap!

15 thoughts on “There are some things we can choose to share but…….

  1. Oh Bassa, this is so beautiful! I’ve been having a bad day (well, month actually) but this just made me see things through a different perspective. Thank you. I could just give you one huge hug right now!

  2. Now that was a very nice post. We can’t see the sun here today and we are hoping the clouds bring us much needed rain. Enjoy your day sweet Bassa we have missed you. It will slow down here soon and we will visit you more. Hugs and nose kisses

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