Like a venomous machine gun!

The tall person told me that Georgia has some of the largest bees and wasps he has ever seen and he has seen some big ones in his travels. I swatted a wasp yesterday and was about to eat it when the tall person stopped me. He said I would be hurt if it stung my mouth. Hmm, how can something much smaller than me hurt me? The tall person could see that I had my doubts so he promised to catch one and show me how dangerous they can be.

Sure enough, two wasps came into the house this morning and the tall person caught them and released one outside but kept the other in a wine glass so I could safely see it.

The wasp buzzed angrily as it tried to find a way out. The tall person explained that a wasp can sting many times, like a venomous machine gun, and people can die if they have an allergic reaction to the venom. He said it is important to keep calm when you see one. If you do it will probably go away but if you try to swat it and you kill or injure it a scent is released that will bring other wasps racing to the rescue.

Hmm, it appears that I have greatly underestimated these tiger-striped devils.

The tall person carefully picked up the wine glass and I followed him to the balcony and watched him release the wasp into the air. As he did, he told me that wasps eat a lot of insects and because of this we should see them as friends and not enemies.

Ok, I know one thing for sure – I won’t be putting one of these friends in my mouth!

9 thoughts on “Like a venomous machine gun!

  1. Wasps are horrible! When I was very young and girlfriend and I did not know that the ‘really cool looking thing’ by the fence row was a HUGE wasp nest. We unknowingly went to investigate. Needless to say we learned a valuable lesson. Neither one of us was allergic (thank goodness) but we wore tons of homemade bakingsoda paste on our many many stings!
    Stay away from them friend. : )

  2. Wow Bassa, those wasps look huge! I’m sure they don’t grow that big in England. I’m only little they might carry me away!!!
    Are you a rugby fan like me and my dad? Have you been watching the world cup? England are playing Georgia this weekend, will you be watching?

    • They are huge and the bees are bigger! I prefer playing rather watching sports Bones but I will mention the England/Georgia match to the tall person as he might want to see it 🙂

  3. Wasps can hurt a lot when they sting. Our Popsy is allergic to them so we have to be very careful of them around here. It is good you did not eat that wasp sweet Bassa it would be terrible if you got stung. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. If this is a normal wine-glass, it is a really impressive wasp, but I like the view, that they are more usefull as frightening.
    Bongo ignores them. Maybe he already nows why, but probably before he came to me at the age of 6 month – he was a street dog, and he still eats nearly everything eadible, even rose hips, Raspberries and fireflies, but never he snatching for wasps or bees.

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