A haircut and a heavenly ride

The little person returns to school on Monday so De decided that it was time for him to have a haircut. He was not particularly enthusiastic so to show solidarity the tall person announced he would have a haircut as well. To be fair, the tall person has been complaining about unruly hair for a couple of days now but I couldn’t see which of his 10 hairs he was talking about.

Anyway, De, the tall person and the little person walked down to the main road to catch the number 126 minibus to the hairdresser, which is in Marjanishvili Street. Lots of people use mini buses to travel around the city. Unlike municipal buses they will stop anywhere along their routes to pick up and drop off passengers. They are also very cheap. The number 126 mini bus which goes to Marjanishvili Street and then on to the centre of the city has a flat fare of 60 tetri, which is about 36 US cents.

The tall person took this picture when they were in the mini bus. Above the windscreen the driver has put pictures of religious icons. There is also the symbol of the Georgian Orthodox Church on the dashboard.

People in Georgia are very religious and you can see evidence of this wherever you go. When the minibus passed a church on the way to Marjanishvili Street, the driver and many of the passengers crossed themselves.

Marjanishvili Street is still being refurbished but the shops and the hairdresser and the street are still open to shoppers and cars, which is amazing because it is essentially one big building site. De, the tall person and the little person had to be very careful on their way to the hairdresser.

Don’t worry, they got to the hairdresser safely and the little person had his cut cut and the tall person had his unruly 10 hairs trimmed!

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