One of the secrets of life

The little person returns to school on Monday so the last few days have been ‘a little tense’. I have never heard such moaning, groaning and complaining (except by me when I want to go out). It’s not because he dislikes school but because he has to complete all homework given to him when the summer recess began in June. Unfortunately for all of us the summer has passed very quickly and the imminent deadline has not especially inspired or motivated him, hence the tense situation in the house.

The tall person, De and me have all agreed that we will take turns sitting with him to give moral support, guidance, technical assistance (which mainly consisting of picking up the pen he seems to drop on the floor every two minutes) and, most importantly to stop him running off. Earlier this afternoon it was my turn to provide this much needed academic support. I call it guard duty. However, I am ashamed to admit that he tricked me. He said it was time for his ‘coffee break’ and he put his school books down and went to his bedroom and began playing a racing game on his computer.

A coffee break did seem plausible. The tall person is a big fan of them. But then it struck me. The little person doesn’t drink coffee and if he did this would be the longest coffee break in history. I had been duped! These little people are so devious. I began barking immediately and unfortunately for the little person De arrived before he could run back to the toy room and pretend to be working. Ha, now you are in trouble little person.

After some loud words from De he resumed his homework under her watchful eye.

I must say that De has been great. Her main ‘motivational’ technique consists of sitting at the little person’s side monitoring his painfully slow progress and glaring at him if he lifts his head up from his school books. It is quite an effective technique and she could probably make millions running motivation seminars.

I asked the tall person why people don’t always do things in good time. He said that there are a number of reasons. Sometimes other things must come first but sometimes people choose to put other things first. He said that it is very tempting to do only the things you enjoy and forget about the things you don’t enjoy but it’s not possible to completely forget and they will nibble away at your enjoyment until they receive attention.

So what is the answer tall person? He looked at me and smiled and after a few moments said, ‘one of the secrets of life Bassa is to learn to enjoy everything you do’.

Wow, I feel like I’ve been at school today.

Oh dear, I can hear the sounds of the racing game on the little person’s computer. There’s going to be trouble.

I have decided to keep out of the way until Monday morning when the school bus arrives.

2 thoughts on “One of the secrets of life

  1. My person said she had to sit next to my younger person when he was little and didn’t want to do his homework. He’s bigger now, but he still doesn’t like doing homework. I’m sure glad I don’t have to play guard duty on him. He doesn’t like me in his room because I get my hair everywhere. -Bongo

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