I only have three supporters when I play with a ball

You may remember that the tall person and De took the little person to Mushtaidi Park on his birthday. Well, opposite the park is the Boris Paichadze National Stadium, also known as the Dinamo Stadium. It is the home stadium of FC Dinamo Tbilisi. The tall person took some photographs as he walked past. He told me that when the stadium was built in 1976, it had the third largest capacity in the Soviet Union. It can hold 78,000 supporters. Wow! All those people watching men chasing a ball. It must be very exciting. I only have three supporters when I play with a ball (you know who they are).

The tall person told me that there is a big sign outside the stadium that tells people what is not allowed inside. Apparently, you are not allowed to bring dynamite, knives, guns, alcohol and wine glasses.

Also, you can see from the sign that dogs on leads are not allowed in. I think this is a very enlightened attitude. It is clear that the stadium staff understand that dogs would not want to feel restricted by a lead when they are watching a football match. Because of this I was about to give the stadium my Bassa Friendly Award when the tall person said that I had misunderstood the sign – it meant that no dogs are allowed, on or off a lead. No Bassas allowed? Well, I take back all the nice things I said and will ask the tall person to write to the stadium and suggest that they change the dog symbol on their sign to avoid pointless queuing outside by dogs without leads that have no chance of getting in.

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