A journey into inner space!

This afternoon the tall person found De’s sock in the garden. It had been on an incredible journey. In fact, like Captain Kirk it boldly went on a mission into the unknown – not into outer space but into inner space, my inner space! What a tour that must have been.

I must admit, it did not volunteer for this hazardous mission nor did it jump in my mouth and make me swallow it. I found it on the lower rung of the bathroom towel radiator and ran off with it before De could stop me. The tall person caught me and stuck his hand in my mouth but by that time the sock had begun its very interesting journey into the inner me.

The tall person told me off and said I should not swallow socks because they could get stuck inside me. Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that. He also told me that if it did not come out ‘naturally’ I would have to see the vet who might need to operate to get it out. I didn’t like the sound of that.

Needless to say I had quite a nervous night and woke up several times in a cold sweat – actually I was relieved to find I was lying in spilt water from my water bowl.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that the intrepid travelling sock ‘touched down’ safely this afternoon, much to my relief!

The moral of this story is that some things are meant to pass through you, such as food, ‘air’ and water but anything else is not a good idea.

Remember, socks are like Sirens from Greek mythology. They look inviting but can seriously mess you up.

A lovely surprise!

Each morning I sit with the tall person and we look at comments that have been posted on the blog. This morning there was one from a new blogging friend of mine, poet-author Amy Elizabeth at Tilden Bar None Ranch. Much to our surprise it said ‘I’ve awarded you two blog awards’. Wow! We followed the link in the comment and discovered that Amy Elizabeth has given Bassa’s Blog the following awards:

What a lovely thing to do. Thank you Amy Elizabeth. I am both surprised and delighted by this recognition. I especially like the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award because it has a picture of a cake and I love cake!

Amy Elizabeth writes a blog about life on a ranch in Arizona in the U.S.A. There is some great writing and cool pictures: http://tbnranch.wordpress.com/

The “rules” of this award are the following:

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to 5 more blogging friends.

4. Contact those friends and congratulate them!

Hmm, seven random facts about me. Here goes:

I was born in the famous nursery at St. George’s Monastery of Tabakini in the Republic of Georgia where Georgian Orthodox priests have been breeding Caucasian Shepherd dogs since 1992.

I like cake……mmmm, cake.

I am a shepherd dog and I have a one-sheep-flock that has no sense of direction so is very dependent upon me.

I fought a bear once (a very small one).

I have been pecked on the nose by a crazy parrot.

I have climbed a mountain without oxygen. I don’t mean I held my breath all the way! You know what I mean.

I slobber a lot.

Okay, those are the random facts. Now, I need to pass on the awards to five blogger friends. I talked this over with the tall person and we agreed to each write a shortlist and then compare. Can you believe that we both chose the following blogger friends to make the awards to? Of you course you can, we both think alike!

Rumpy Dog is a very special friend of mine. He has an amazing blog. If ever any blogger dog deserved the Versatile Blogger Award it is Rumpy. He writes amazingly informative, relevant and topical posts about issues facing dogs today. He is also a great poet, specialising in Haiku. He is also very sweet, writes from the heart and fully deserves the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Check out Rumpy’s blog at http://rumpydog.wordpress.com/

I have known Puzzle since I first started my blog and she always comments and provides encouragement. Her blog has some amazing pictures of ……..everything! It is so interesting. I particularly like the slide shows, where you can sit back and enjoy the pictures without the effort of clicking the mouse! Puzzle is very talented and fully deserves the two awards. Check out Puzzle’s blog at  http://2puzzle4.wordpress.com/

Like me, Bones writes a daily diary. He has a great writing style and it’s easy to imagine that you are there with him, seeing what he sees, hearing what he hears and of course, sniffing what he sniffs! His posts are funny and well worth checking out at http://bonesdiary.wordpress.com/

Bongo is a new blogger who instantly struck me as my kind of dog. We quickly became great friends. He has a similar take on life to me so it’s not surprising that we clicked from the very first click of the mouse! He fully deserves these two awards. Check out Bongo’s blog – you won’t be disappointed: http://bongodogblog.wordpress.com/

If you love Collies you will love Collies of the Meadow. Written from the heart this blog celebrates the lives of Collies with very lovely photos and heartfelt comments and stories. The depth of feeling expressed in this blog is amazing. Collies of the Meadows fully deserves these two awards. If you want to see stunning photos of these beautiful dogs check out:  http://colliesofthemeadow.wordpress.com/

Congratulations to my 5 blogger friends. You fully deserve these awards!

To pick up the awards, you should:

  • Thank and link to the person who nominates you.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Pass the award to five more blogger friends.
  • Contact and congratulate the blogs nominated.