Will it keep getting bigger?

De took a picture of me this evening and when I saw it I couldn’t believe how much my tongue has grown. No wonder I have trouble keeping it in my mouth! I am worried now. Will it keep getting bigger? Will it be dragging on the floor soon? Will I have to hold it when I run?

Hmm, I needed advice. I reeled it back in and went to see the tall person. I asked him why dogs have long tongues and he said that a dog’s tongue is like a Swiss Army knife – it’s a multi-purpose tool and the bigger ones are best. That sounded good, especially as mine is very big. To illustrate his answer he asked me to tell him what I use my tongue for. Okay, I use my tongue to lap up water, I taste food and other things with it, I use it to clean myself, I use it to keep me cool when I am hot and I also use it to say hello to people I like. Wow! It really is a multi-purpose tool.

I was still a little worried about it growing too big but the tall person said it will always be the right size for my body. That’s a relief. I don’t want to trip over it!

6 thoughts on “Will it keep getting bigger?

  1. My tongue is tiny, but then I’ve got a small head. Maybe I’ll grow but Jess said “Don’t count on it, Short stuff!” I hope I don’t get much bigger because there wouldn’t be enough room in the house with Jess being a giant lump!

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