Will it keep getting bigger?

De took a picture of me this evening and when I saw it I couldn’t believe how much my tongue has grown. No wonder I have trouble keeping it in my mouth! I am worried now. Will it keep getting bigger? Will it be dragging on the floor soon? Will I have to hold it when I run?

Hmm, I needed advice. I reeled it back in and went to see the tall person. I asked him why dogs have long tongues and he said that a dog’s tongue is like a Swiss Army knife – it’s a multi-purpose tool and the bigger ones are best. That sounded good, especially as mine is very big. To illustrate his answer he asked me to tell him what I use my tongue for. Okay, I use my tongue to lap up water, I taste food and other things with it, I use it to clean myself, I use it to keep me cool when I am hot and I also use it to say hello to people I like. Wow! It really is a multi-purpose tool.

I was still a little worried about it growing too big but the tall person said it will always be the right size for my body. That’s a relief. I don’t want to trip over it!

Thank you!

Bassa’s Diary of a Caucasian Shepherd is 3 months old today and I want to thank everyone who has shared in my daily life by stopping by and reading my blog. Three months does not seem a long time but it is nearly a quarter of my life!

The blog has had over 9,000 views, which has amazed and delighted me. Through it I have made many great friends throughout the world. This post is my 324th and I have enjoyed every single moment of writing about my daily life, my neighbourhood and the beautiful country I live in. Thank you for all of your comments.

Some friends have been with me from the beginning and others have become friends along the way. I have learned so much and enjoyed sharing my life and I want to say a special thank you to the following friends who have always encouraged me with lots of comments and are always with me even though we are thousands of miles apart:

Lovely Lynlee Smith Graffunder; Lovely Lynn Pilarski; Barbara Collier; Just Ramblin’ Pier; Tracy Photogirl Shaw; Lynsey Va; Marcia Bean; Rumpy Dog; Puzzle; Maria Angelica Iturra Pena; Ann-Charlotte Alvhult; Mary Staudinger; Lacey Kuvasz; Mischa Nelson; Mari Ratiani; Ann Bell; Deb Murphy; Rogue Storm Melody; Jane Treasure; Katie Goldman; Clare Mills; Lisa Albanese; Yashkibuta (Phoenix); Bones Diary; Aleksandra; Rayya the Vet; Gert Johnsson; Porey Egilsdottir; Trixie Anton; Nancy Eady; Casey R. Doodle; Steve Wright; Gaby Schott; Annie Goodall; Diane L Dodson; Buster Boyd; Sagechronicles; Collies of the Meadow; Annienz; Mumsy, Chancy and Crew; Bongo; Pugmantis (Lola); Rosalie Martin; Doris Schafer; Sheila Wilson Barry; Tylersat99.

I take you with me with every step I take.

I also want to say a special thank you to the tall person, De, the little person and Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot (I suppose) because Bassa’s Blog is also about them and their life with a boisterous, energetic and sometimes mischievous Caucasian Shepherd – me!

Now, are we having cake to celebrate?