Gradually he became half awake but no more!

This morning I woke the tall person as usual and after a quick pat on my head he went to the kitchen to make coffee. I heard him grumbling so I went to see what was wrong. He was shaking his head and peering into a coffee jar. ‘There’s only enough for half a cup’ he announced. Oh dear, I know how important coffee is to the tall person, especially in the morning. ‘We have to go shopping’ he declared. I looked at him as he sipped his half cup of coffee. Gradually he became half awake but no more. We had to hurry. De! De! We have a caffeine emergency!

De immediately recognised the symptoms and we all got ready and set off for the local shops. We have quite a good choice of shops in our neighbourhood. Most of them are small but you can usually get anything you need. We also have a shopping mall close to us that has a big supermarket (where I have an arrangement for juicy bones) but we decided to go to the smaller shops because we also needed to go to the pet shop to get me some food.

The tall person took some photos of the shops.

We got what we needed, including the all important coffee, and walked on to my pet shop. I like this pet shop. It smells nice but I wait outside because they have cages full of budgerigars, which remind me of parrots. In one of the pictures you can see De buying my food.

Tbilisi also has many outdoor and indoor markets. Some are huge and you could spend all day walking round them. The markets are always crowded because most people buy the things they need there. Big supermarkets are still relatively rare in Tbilisi and there is still a culture of shopping every day for fresh vegetables and meat.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little photo tour of some of the markets. We returned home, having achieved our main objective of buying more coffee for the tall person. As soon as we got inside he put the kettle on and made a cup of coffee. Enjoy your revitalising drink tall person!

12 thoughts on “Gradually he became half awake but no more!

  1. Look at all the awesome fresh foods! Sure, we have large groceries but they are filled with foods made in factories. Your humans are very fortunate to have such a shopping area!

    • Yes I do Tula. The tall person often goes there as it has lots of English language books and it has a lovely courtyard – great for relaxing with a cup of coffee. Have you been to Tbilisi?

    • The markets here are amazing Bongo. There are fruit and vegetable markets, spice markets, clothes markets, hardware markets, construction materials markets, toys markets – anything you can think of. Some are covered or indoors, others are outdoors. Every street has little interesting shops and small bakeries.

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