“Double six”

The game of dominoes is very popular with Georgian men. In the summer it is played outside, under the shade of trees or under an awning. I often see groups of players sitting at tables in domino ‘houses’. I came across such a group several days ago in a park near my home.

The tall person would not let me get too close in case I disturbed them but he told me that they will chat and play for hours. I asked him why there were no women playing and he said he didn’t know but suspected that they are far too busy to spend hours playing games.

4 thoughts on ““Double six”

  1. Hey! I know how to play double six too! There is so much alike about us Bassa. PS: There’s a regular Saturday Blog Hop. Link on my post for today… check it out and sign up your blog. I know they’d all love you!

  2. You can always try what our collies do here. If they want attention they just swing their tails across the game and then run away loving to be chased by those whose games they overturned!!! They think it is lots of fun.. LOL As you well know, humans cannot run as long as dogs can so its great fun once the humans get past their initial anger.. 🙂 But, as with all things… timing is what makes it perfect. 🙂 Great Blog and pics!!!

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