“Double six”

The game of dominoes is very popular with Georgian men. In the summer it is played outside, under the shade of trees or under an awning. I often see groups of players sitting at tables in domino ‘houses’. I came across such a group several days ago in a park near my home.

The tall person would not let me get too close in case I disturbed them but he told me that they will chat and play for hours. I asked him why there were no women playing and he said he didn’t know but suspected that they are far too busy to spend hours playing games.

The ups and downs of my hill

We live on a hillside overlooking Tbilisi and one of the benefits of living on a hill is walking down it – it’s easy on the paws. But what goes down must come up and it can sometimes be quite tiring returning home from the valley below, especially when it is hot. It’s not too bad for me because I have all four paws on the ground and I have a lower centre of gravity but the tall person, De and the little person all walk on two paws, which I think makes it more tiring when going up the hill. To help them, I regularly stop at trees and bushes and pretend to sniff around. I do this to give their legs a rest. They don’t know I do this for them but I know they appreciate the regular rest stops!

When I am not with them I know they often get a taxi up the hill, especially when they have been shopping. It makes sense to do this because if they walked up the hill without me, they wouldn’t regularly stop and sniff trees and bushes and rest their legs. It’s also good because they come home quicker by taxi and have more energy to play with me. There is a taxi rank at the bottom of the hill and there are usually six to ten taxis waiting there. I know some of the taxi drivers as I often walk that way and they always say hello, which is nice.

Anyway, the main purpose of this little story is to tell you about the little person’s favourite taxi. If it is waiting there, the little person will always ask to ride up the hill in it. I was waiting on the balcony for them recently and saw a beautiful white car turn into our street and stop outside our house. The tall person, De and the little person got out and waved to me.

The taxi is a Soviet era Volga and is one of the little person’s favourite old cars. This one is in excellent condition and its owner obviously takes great care of it. The taxi driver was very happy that his car was photographed by the neighbourhood Englishman!