A new face for Marjanishvili

Marjanishvili Street is within walking distance of my house and is one of the most popular shopping streets in Tbilisi. The tall person, De and the little person often go there – mainly because it has a McDonald’s restaurant but also because a pet shop is on the way and so is a lovely Russian Orthodox Church. At the moment the street is undergoing a complete refurbishment along the whole of its length. All of the buildings are being repaired and painted, pavements are being re-paved, new lamp posts installed and the road completely replaced.

A new park has also been created and opened recently. The tall person told me that the park is lovely but he told me that there is a sign that says that Bassas are not allowed to go there.

Despite all this activity, the shops on Marjanishvili Street remain open and shoppers weave in and out of the wooden scaffolding and nonchalantly side step construction vehicles, piles of sand, stones and huge holes in the pavements. At the moment it is a hot and dusty place but the tall person told me that it is a great place to see unusual vehicles, including Soviet era trucks and construction vehicles.

When the street is finished at the end of the year it will look spectacular. At the moment it resembles a building site!

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