A birthday, a bearded lady and a firework cake

Today was the little person’s birthday but celebrations began at one minute past twelve o’clock last night when he was allowed to open some of his gifts. He said that it was a Georgian tradition not to wait until the morning but I think he made that up! However, he didn’t wake up until late morning so I suppose there is some rationale for his ‘tradition’. But waking up late did mean that the planned surprise visit to Mtatsminda amusement park had to be postponed until tomorrow because the tall person said it would need the whole day.

So the tall person and De took him to McDonald’s for lunch. You can see from the picture that he enjoyed his Happy Meal!

They then went to Mushtaidi Park, which was a very popular amusement park in Soviet times. It is much smaller than Mtatsminda amusement park but is very interesting because it still has some of the Soviet era rides and a big wheel that doesn’t seem very big now. The tall person took some pictures of them.

But the main reason that the little person likes going to Mushtaidi Park is the bumper cars! You may know that the little person is crazy about cars and driving. The tall person said that the little person spent most of the afternoon behind the wheel of a yellow super car, ‘burning rubber’. You can tell from these pictures that he is a super fast driver. In fact, you can’t see him in one of the pictures because he was much quicker than the tall person’s camera!

The park has two funny statues. De said that they are Devi, fairy tale creatures that among other things kidnapped beautiful princesses. De told me that she held on tight to the tall person when she walked past them! Don’t worry, the one in the middle is not a Devi, it is the little person!

The tall person told me that he lost De and the little person for a while but found a lady with a long white beard and a small person with a long moustache.

He found them later and told them about the strange people he had met but they just laughed and finished eating their candy floss.

When they got home it was my turn to join in the birthday celebrations and we walked up to the forest to have a picnic.

By the time we had finished our picnic it was getting dark and time to go home.

And when we got home we had cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the little person enjoyed his birthday!