He is like a mother attuned to the sound of her crying child

I woke up early today, which meant that the tall person also woke early. I know that because I woke him. We have an arrangement. Whoever hears me bark in the morning gets up to let me outside. It is usually the tall person who hears me. Perhaps he has extremely good hearing or is a light sleeper or he is like a mother who is attuned to the sound of her crying child. I like to think it is the latter explanation because it is such a lovely one. Or, it could be that De and the little person are a little deaf or are deep sleepers or just pretend to be!

Anyway, it’s nice to spend some quality time with the tall person at the crack of dawn. I say quality time but that is perhaps exaggerating it just a little bit. When the tall person gets up his eyes are half closed and he staggers to the back door to let me out. I stay outside for a while and by the time I come back in he has drunk a cup of strong coffee and is wide awake. You are probably thinking that we are now ready to stand side by side and face the challenges of a new day. Yes and no. Yes because the tall person now has caffeine coursing through his veins like a volcanic lava flow and no because I now feel very sleepy.

Enjoy your morning tall person, I’m going back to sleep.

9 thoughts on “He is like a mother attuned to the sound of her crying child

  1. Hmmmm — Ruger does this too, but 3:30 in the morning really IS too early for any two-legger to be awake. So Ruger & his hu-Dad fall back to sleep, and I feel wide awake. Sometimes you pups can be very troublesome. 😉

    hugs from Annie

  2. Of course Miss Stella and Miss Sadie do this as well. Up at 5, out the door, back in a short while later, ready for round one of naps. By this time, I have had my coffee and started working on paper work, emails, reading, house chores, etc. No nap for me!

  3. LOL! Wait, I can’t stop laughing! In our house, the bigger of us two Bernese Mountain Dogs goes up to Mom’s side of the bed, and either puts our head down so we can kiss her, or we stand there and make squeaky noises until she gets up and gets dressed —and then she feeds both of us our breakfast. Then we all go for a walk.

    Mom isn’t allowed to have her coffee until we’re all back to the house. What do you think about that, Bassa? 🙂

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